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Congress program

We’re excited about the opportunity to host the 2029 IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics in Sydney, Australia with a pre-congress Leadership Forum in Queenstown, New Zealand. Our aim is to create a rich, immersive experience for delegates with memories to last a lifetime.


Pre-congress Leadership Summit

Tāhuna / Queenstown, Aotearoa New Zealand

A pre-congress event – a two-day IAGG Knowledge in Ageing Leadership Summit (IAGG KALS) will be held in Tāhuna/Queenstown, Aotearoa New Zealand. We will partner with, and welcome, established and emerging leaders from all communities across the globe to this Summit.

Scientific program

Sydney, Australia

We will develop an exciting scientific program, drawing on the framework of previous successful IAGG Congresses, encompassing a representative mix of keynote speakers from around the world, invited symposia, and encompassing other contemporary program elements.

Our program will evolve closer to the event and will include the traditional IAGG conference themes of Biological Sciences, Health and Clinical Sciences, Behavioural and Psychological Sciences, Social Research, Policy and Practice, and Gerontechnology. A key focus will be on recent developments and innovations that improve the experience of ageing well globally. We will actively encourage involvement and contribution to the program by student and emerging researcher groups.

Falls Prevention NeuRa.jpg

Social program

Sydney, Australia

Importantly, in addition to the scientific program, our social program will facilitate support, knowledge and skill development and provide networking opportunities for participants.

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